Top 10 Reasons Your House Need a Bath

Pressure washing preserves your paint job! It is much more cost effective to clean your house annually, rather than have your house painted every few years. Painting a house starts at $5,000.00. Pressure Washing a house starts at $150.00.

We help to identify any wooden rot and home repairs. Most homeowners don’t realize how dirty their property truly is until we clean it. After it is professionally cleaned, the house looks new again.

Mold, Algae and Mildew are the three biggest factors to make your house look rundown and it could cause health complications. Mold spores on the exterior of your house can enter through cracks, windows and improper installed siding. If mold does reach the inside, symptoms like headaches, loss of concentration and blurred vision can affect you and your loved ones.

Pressure washing helps reduce the slip and fall risk. Slippery surfaces cause slip and fall hazards. With our top of the line truck mounted hot water units, we can kill the mold spores to prevent injury and improve the overall aesthetics of the property.

We use environmental friendly cleaning solutions. Our custom mixed solutions are made on-site and you don’t have to worry about them causing harm to your landscaping. We are able to use low pressure to make sure your homes exterior as well as grass and plants stay damage free.

We use Hot Water! With our hot water machines we are able to kill mold and mildew and retard the regrowth of the mold spores.

Decks and Fences need to be replaced?  We can help bring your deck and fences back to their original state by pressure washing. We will rid them of the grime and filth that has accumulated over the years and make them look brand new.

Roof Leaking? Replacing the roof on any home is expensive. Mold build up on shingles is a contributing factor to any roof leak. Pressure washing the mold off, can improve the quality of your roof.

Curb appeal can add value to your house! You wouldn’t try to sell a dirty car, why would you try to sell a dirty house? We can help you add value to your home by simply cleaning it!

Your time is valuable. By calling Audubon Pressure Washing, it will allow you to spend your free time enjoying what you like to do, while we make your house look new again!


Call Audubon Pressure Washing now for a FREE, no obligation estimate. We will show you the many benefits of cleaning your house, and help preserve your largest investment, your home!

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